[Wine] Firefox 3 Darwine Errors

zach at drayer.name zach at drayer.name
Mon Jul 7 21:41:00 CDT 2008

> Version number is "wine-1.0" using your command in Terminal.
There's a newer version - 1.1.0 -
if you want to try that. Though I'm using it and seeing the same errors.

> I'm not 100% positive but I am pretty sure I had Firefox 3 running in my
> prior build of Darwine which was downloaded from
> http://www.kronenberg.org/darwine/. I had to switch to the version from
> http://thisismyinter.net/?p=47 to enable printing. (You can see my thread
> in this forum http://forum.winehq.org/viewtopic.php?t=1558 if it is of any
> help.)
You can always move your ~/.wine to ~/.wine.bak and run Darwine from
kronenberg.org to test to see if it really was working or not.  I dont see
why this would be different from build to build - though i was surprised
to hear printing worked for one and not the other... though the builds
from thisismyinter.net are built on a leopard system, while kronenberg.org
are from a tiger system, so it could be a lib apple shipped that
changed/was added in..

> Should I uninstall Firefox 3 and go back to version Firefox 2? Will I
> break gecko if I uninstall Firefox?
I dont see why it would break gecko.  But i'm not too well versed in it,
so maybe someone else could answer?

> That X11 error is interesting because part of my rebuild this morning
> included downloading and installing X11 from Xquartz which I thought was
> supposed to get me past all of those Apple X11 errors.
Xquartz fixes a lot of problems from X11 that ships with leopard or from
software update.  It is not perfect yet though.  It is being worked on. 
Albeit by one person at Apple in whatever time they have free.


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