[Wine] Re: Firefox 3 Darwine Errors

bgood wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Jul 7 22:10:48 CDT 2008

Zach - That's great info. Thanks.

Since you are getting the same error with 1.1.0 guess I'll hold on to 1.0 for the moment.

If I don't get any other input on the gecko thing I'll go ahead and uninstall Firefox 3 and see what happens with Firefox 2.

It's taken me a lot of hours to get my printing function back -- started working on this on 6/30 -- so I'm a bit hesitant to experiment with this configuration. That said, I love the idea though of renaming the .wine to .wine.bak. If I did that and needed to restore the .wine.bak file back to it's original use do I rename it back to  ".wine", or ".wine." (sorry for such a newbie question but I'm still learning linux). Do I need to do the same thing with plist file or are all the changes consolidated into the .wine file?

Again, thanks for the input and for the quick responses.   :D

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