[Wine] Rumble Fighter. A free game that won't work.

ultumix wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Jul 8 12:06:07 CDT 2008

- Name of the Distribution (And it's version)
Ultumix GNU/Linux

- Name of the software and it's version (Ex: Wine 0.9.37)
Rumble Fighter V 1.5.9 (0612)
Wine 0.9.59

- Your desktop (KDE,Gnome,Xfce,Fluxbox...)
KDE / Gnome

- Errors from the software. And if possible, tell when or/and when it happens.
When logging in to play the game.
This service is for North American Users Only. Thank you for your interest.

I'm in North America!

- Your computer configuration.
Awesome dual core 64 bit AMD AM2 2600 Mhz 128 bit GPU Nvidia 256 MB 2 GB RAM 800 DDR2 bla bla bla.

Could this have anything to do with it? In my registry the local value is 00000409 

I think that maybe changing the time zone to US Pacific Standard Time zone might fix it. Do I do this in the registry editor? If I do how? Is there anything else that this program could be looking for that would tell it what country it was in?

This is a free game to download and to use. A lot of my GNU/Linux friends love to use it in Windows.

If you could fix this you could even play it in any country.

I upgraded Wine it didn't help.

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