[Wine] Re: Rumble Fighter. A free game that won't work.

ultumix wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Jul 8 12:49:00 CDT 2008


2nd I went to the download site here for Wine and followed the instructions for Ubuntu 8.04 as it's the root of Ultumix. It only upgraded it to .93 or something. If 1.1 is available for Ubuntu I'll download and install it. I agree with you about removing the .wine directory. Because I've tried PlayOnLinux I'll remove .playonlinux too. Both of them gave me the same result and by the way I did tell you the error. It's very simple.

I can install the program, the updates, ect. Then when I open the game and get to the log in where I type in my username and password at the top you see

"-> This service is for North American Users Only. Thank you for your interest."

at the top of that window. I put the username and password in and click sign in but nothing happens. I can click cancel or the X button or the link to their site. It's like the button to Sign in has been disabled even though graphically it moves. It's not gayed out.

When I get home to night I'll give it a try again after installing the Wine version you suggested. I still don't think it will work. I believe it's a registry problem. Something in the registry that gives my location away is not set up right.

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