[Wine] ZBrush 3 Shortcut (ctrl, alt, etc) Issue - sticky keys?

Rouxmire wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Jul 8 14:32:43 CDT 2008

I was able to get ZBrush 3 running (full version, 7 day grace mode) but none of the ctrl/alt/shift combinations are working like they should.  For example, you should be able to hold Control and drag to draw out a mask, and when you press Control, the cursor turns yellow (as it should to denote the mask function) and it looks like it's going to work, but then acts like a normal mouse button press.  After a lot of playing around with it, I was able to get some other combinations like Ctrl-Alt to work if I press Control, then alt, then release control, then release alt -- then it seems to go into "sticky mode" and function like ctrl-alt should (with nothing pressed, which shouldn't be the case) until I hit Control to "reset" it back out... it's very odd.  Shift + mouse click/drag should smooth and Alt + mouse click/drag should do a negative sculpt... but none of these work.

I've tried every possible combination I can inside of the accessibility options for gnome but none of turning keyboard options on or off seems to help, including the various patterns I've found.

Other programs, like Inkscape, don't seem to suffer the same fate (as best I can tell, anyway) so I'm thinking perhaps it's a Wine related issue of some sort or maybe that combined with a Gnome thing.  I don't know, but it's very frustrating and I could really use some advice/help.

System: Ubuntu 8.04/Hardy Heron
Gnome Desktop 2.22.2
Wine 0.9.59 (that's what was in the rep)

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