[Wine] Installing MSWord SETUP.INI is missing or invalid

thomas_f wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Jul 9 05:39:03 CDT 2008

I'm trying to install Microsoft Word 2002 on Wine, version 1.1.0, running on ubuntu hardy heron, from a dvd called Microsoft Works Suite 2004 (German) that came bundled with my computer, and I've run into some kind of endless loop.

This is what happens:
- I d-click setup.exe on the dvd, wine starts and the setup menu is shown.
- I select custom setup and click the "Word"-button.
- I get the message: "The installer has installed some files that require a restart of the computer... the installer is going to be restarted automatically." (translated from German; the exact wording of the corresponding English messages will differ.)
- I accept the message (OK-button) and the installer and Wine close.
- I restart them with another d-click on setup.exe, some decompression is quickly shown to take place, and I get this message: "Works has installed some files that require a restart... setup will be started automatically." OK-button, a dialog window flashes up but wine closes too fast to see what it says.
- Another d-click on setup.exe gives me this: "An error occurred in the last installation of Microsoft Works Suite 2004 ... would you like to know how to perform a 'clean start'?" I say "No" and things close again. (I've said "Yes" before, that earned me a help page on msconfig.exe that didn't look very helpful to me.)
- The next d-click on setup.exe this time brings up the msg "The setup file D:\MSWord\SETUP\SETUP.INI is missing or invalid. Please make sure it exists and is accessible." (Well, it exists and I can access (=read) it. So what's the problem?) The OK-button brings up a complaint that "The installation can't be started. If you are installing from a medium(?) make sure it's in the proper drive." (Has been there all the time, of course.) Hitting "Cancel" brings up the setup menu from the start.

What's going wrong? Any help appreciated!

Thanks for reading -- Thomas

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