[Wine] mp3 game produces no sound in Wine 1.0

Jochen blackdrag at gmx.org
Wed Jul 9 04:24:24 CDT 2008

louy2k schrieb:
> Hello dear all,
> my windows game plays mp3 sounds. (the game is C-evo)
> the game runs fine under wine except for mp3 sounds.
> my platform is Fedora 9-WINE 1.0.
> The audio test in winecfg works fine.
> Trying to solve the problem, I"ve installed a mp3 Fraunhofer codec in wine (an exe file) ; problem remains.
> At linux level I have no mp3 codec installed.
> Does any one has a clue to such problem ?

if the symptom is, that there is sound for a very short time (0.5s 
maybe), then it is probably because of the wine mp3 implementaion that 
it won't work... I think it has problems if there are unexpected 
sampling rates (that's speculation). Use winecfg to disable winemp3.acm 
(like with a dll, there is also a disabling/deactivation option). You 
have to type in the name completely and wine will warn you about doing 
something with this.. but you still should. After this the Frauenhofer 
codec you installed should be used instead.

bye Jochen

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