[Wine] Re: wine 1.1.0 and Enterprise Architect: fonts displayed upside

dimesio wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Jul 9 18:11:03 CDT 2008

Simon Keimer wrote:
> hi,
> I use Sparx Enterprise Architect with wine 1.1.0 on Gentoo.
> Everything is running fine, except the fonts in the diagrams appear written 
> upside down.
> Does anyone have experience with this kind of issue?
> Greetings, Simon

I downloaded the demo for EA 7.1, which installed fine, but after starting it up and opening the example diagram, I can see what you mean. I tried native riched20 and 32, and that fixed some, but not all, of the fonts. 

Have you used this on any earlier versions of Wine, and if so, was it working? The AppDB rates EA 7.0 as platinum, so I'm wondering if this is a regression.

You should definitely file a bug report.

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