[Wine] Re: mp3 game produces no sound in Wine 1.0

louy2k wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Jul 10 03:39:48 CDT 2008

Dear Jochen,

Thanks for your reply,

Some files may be played, but for a so short duration that I can hardly hear anything :)) !!!

Auditing my mp3 files generates the following report:

IDv3 tag missing,

various bit-rates :
some are CBR,
some are VBR.

some sampling rate at 32000,
some sampling rate at 22050,

some in joint stereo,
some in 1 mono,

all with volume gain set to 0.

Futhermore, I noticed that WINE 1.0 provides settings in the Audio tab.

Seems like it expects unified mp3 specs, especially for sampling rates.

Q1 : Do you have information on the winemp3.acm constrains ?

My guess is that one clue could be unify theses specs to a format that works (yet unkown !!!)
Could be a lot of work, consequently unsure mainly because of time consumption.

Q2 : I've not found how to disable winemp3.acm yet, do you have any clue ? (I'm sorry to ask, I may have missed some point in the wine documentation)

Thanks for your support, at least I have an idea where to search ...


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