[Wine] Goodbye Windows?

Zac Brown zac at zacbrown.org
Thu Jul 10 15:24:15 CDT 2008

Django29 wrote:
> Hi.
> I know that Linux provides most of the softwares we need for business, equivalent of Outlook, MS Office, IE, ...  but :
> Is it realistic to think that we can delete Win XP, and use Wine with Linux, for a professional use, with :
> - All Adobe, with the ICC profiles (I use Monaco EZcolor for the calibration).
> - CMS like Joomla and a lot of plugs-in, and a few tools for webranking.
> I hope the answer is yes (with comments please).
> Is there a difference for the Wine behavior, with Ubuntu, Suse, or another?
> (I prefer Suse).
> Si la réponse est en Français, c'est encore mieux.
> Django.

Depending on what particular Adobe software you're speaking of, would determine 
that answer. Best to check http://appdb.winehq.org.

The difference in Wine behavior you'd see would be in a non-supported window 
manager rather than the specific distro itself I suspect.

Gnome is well supported and KDE is mostly. Things beyond that are iffy at best.


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