[Wine] µTorrent + SSL tracker connections = HTTP Reply 0

jamesholden wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Jul 10 18:49:25 CDT 2008

i hate for my first post to be a problem, but after 2 weeks of googleing, here goes:

important info:
µTorrent 1.6.1 build 490
Desktop: Linux Mint 4 (ubuntu gusty) - WINE 1.0.0
Lappy: Linux Mint 5 (ubuntu hardy) - WINE 1.1.0

i have checked that the SSL library's are installed, but i'm not sure what to do past there if i need to do something to make them work with WINE

my issue is:
whenever i try to connect to a torrent sites tracker via HTTPS instead of HTTP, i get a "HTTP Reply 0" error. this is on both of my computers with 1.6.1 and whatever the newest version of utorrent was as of last week. i can change from https:// to http:// again aind it will announce and grab peers fine.

the only problem is, due to a new legislation inside of sweden- people there want all incoming traffic to be encrypted.

i am at a loss, a few people have described the problem and so far the ONLY known resolution has been to swap to another linux native bittorrent client like rtorrent.

 if anyone can think of a resolution, or some things i can try-- i will be more than happy to do a guide on how to do it for other people if i find a resolution.

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