[Wine] Mac Wine.app Launcher

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at sprintpcs.com
Thu Jul 10 22:08:27 CDT 2008

therealmccoy wrote:
> Question: Since you are more involved with Darwine than most, what's 
> the status of that no-X-required Quartz driver thing? Last time I 
> checked (which was a long time ago), the site for the official version 
> hadn't been updated for a couple years. Since Darwine development 
> seems to have been passed on to real developers like you, maybe you 
> know someone who has a more up-to-date version?
Emmanual still works on it.  The last release was for Wine 0.9.59 and 
will not work with either the release 1.0 or the development 1.1 
branches.  He has promised that a forthcoming release is due any time 
now.  However, I would not use this for production level work, but the 
more feedback we supply, the better for him.

James McKenzie

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