[Wine] wine and aladdin hasp hardware dongle

frk wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Jul 11 04:31:03 CDT 2008

I have shifted to linux fews months ago with a great satisfaction and i don't want to use windows anymore. But... i need to use a windows program protected by a dongle. I had tried wine without succeed to run it, so i tried virtualbox but it does not support parallel port, so I'm back to wine !.

The problem is that the dongle driver cannot be installed, it returns me :

Installing the Device driver failed, the error message is :
Failed to query processes accessing the driver
Failed to query the registry

I can also use shell command with options like: wine HINSTALL.exe -option

I have tried some option without success. But a different message appear when i have tried like this :

Failed to write the hasp value in the DOS devices key in the Database Registry
Failed to open registry0x200200a 0x10001 0x2

despite the error, the -info option returns that the driver is installed !. But my program refuses to run and returns HASP device driver not installed (-100). So i'm stuck!

I'm a beginner in Linux and of course with wine. Is there any solutions or tricks to go ahead ?

driver HASP 4.81

Thank a lot,

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