[Wine] How to configure the keyboard ?

Alex wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Jul 11 11:21:45 CDT 2008

Hi  [Wink] 

I want to learn how to type fastly and easily with Tap'Touche, a french typing shareware
(you can find a a screenshot here (http://education.demarque.com/data/images/217/TT5_2_500.jpeg) )

Why a french typing tool ?
> humm... I'm french !

Why a shareware ?
> I've tried others tools wich are more or less efficient.
> Tap'Touche tests your abilities and builds exercises that fit you

And what's the matter ?
> When I launch Tap'Touche, a warning is displayed.
> It says that my keyboard is misconfigured and so, some exercises could not be done.

If anyone has an idea ...  [Rolling Eyes] 


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