[Wine] Re: Horribly Nube ?

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Jul 11 18:40:56 CDT 2008

playdayz wrote:
> You gotta start somewhere I figure.  I am enjoying wine 1.1.0 and have used it on and off mostly off for several years.  Now I am getting serious and I haven't figured out the documentaiton.  I got some bad advice from old docs which discouraged me.  Anyway, where does one put the "native" dll's from one's windows installation?  I know how to use winecfg to activate them and I found some info about which might be useful, but as stupid as it sounds I am not sure where to put them.  There is no windows on this machine, but I have the dll's from one of several licensed copies of windows.  The best guess I have now is that one places the native dll's in the ../drive_c/windows/system directory???  As opposed to the system32 directory???  The system folder is currently empty and the system32 has some small versions of dll's.  
> While I am at it I might ask where might I look to find advice about settings for wine?  I assumed there would e hackers all over the wolrd who work and post settings that help with particular programs--I know the maintainers do some of this of course.
> And finally, I would appreciatre any guesses aout what dll's or other tricks might help with browsers, K-Meleon specifically--it is such a linux program to begin with ;-)  thank you.]

Why don't you start with all Wine and nothing windows? Then install your program and run it.

And then if you have some problems - tell us what they are.

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