[Wine] Re: Horribly Nube ?

playdayz wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Jul 12 12:15:16 CDT 2008

Puppy linux is unorthodox in that it always runs as root.  I understand that is very controversial.  It is something that every experienced linux user who comes to puppy has to confront.  Personally I find that it is consistent with the spirit of puppy, which is to make something simple, small, fast, and friendly.  Running as root certainly gives up some security and increases the posibility of making a mistake that cripples the os, ut I weigh that against the advantages; do I really need a multi-user operating syswtem on this 10 year old laptop that I use for enjoyment and education?  I does not appear to me that running in root interfers with the function of wine--rather it is a bad idea for the other reasons.

Simple, small, fast, and friendly--that is why I like K-Meleon and would like to see it in the linux environment.  I have used, I think, most browsers available in linux (in mandrake, gentoo, arch and now puppy)--I agree that k-meleon adds no functionality--it is more an aesthetic reason to want to see it run in linux.  However I have found that the version of k-meleon that does run for me in wine runs at least as fast as the big old browsers do natively.  It is just for fun and education that I would like to see if it can run faster.  I kind of think that might be something interesting for wine--to show that a program in wine can hold its own in performance or even outperform a native program--as the documentations says, "a well-written program in wine can outperform a poorly written program in linux" (not to say of course that konqueror is poorly written, but I have seen a lot of people disappointed by the performance of the linux  version of firefox3).

So that's the long version of why I am interested.  However, I still have not found any documentation that suggests things to try if a program doesn't run--some kind of troubleshooting checklist of possible fixes such as, "If it doesn't run in winxp then try win98.  If it crashes with this error message try this native dll.  And so forth."  I do understand of course that wine is extememely complex.  regards.

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