[Wine] child's game - install trouble

Reid Vail rsv869 at adelphia.net
Sat Jul 12 13:43:34 CDT 2008

Hi -

I'm try to install a child's game into Wine 0.9.59 which runs on my
Ubuntu 7.10 system, but am having trouble.  I don't think it's wine, as
it seems to be fine otherwise; I have installed MS Office from CD 
without too much trouble.

In this case, after I select Wine to run the Autorun.exe an installer
pop-up graphic appears and offers and "install" choice.  But when I
select that I get prompted with this error: "The action requires the
CDROM. Please insert the Clifford Phonics CDROM and try again."  But
it's already there!! :-{

If I run wine from CLI I use this command: wine m:\autorun.  Results are
the same.

Any thoughts would be great


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