[Wine] ABA's Brain Explorer and the OpenGL offset problem

Bryan Bishop kanzure at gmail.com
Sat Jul 12 17:24:33 CDT 2008

I've seen reports on appdb of SketchUp having the same problems. Have 
these been resolved yet? I think this has been called the "OpenGL 
offset problem".

> B) The area between the window pane and the edge of the OpenGL window
> never updates, collects copies of other windows, is butt-ugly.
> 5. Most secondary windows (Entity Info window stuck to left side of
> virtual desktop)
> If the OpenGL window offset problem could be solved this would be a
> Gold app.  As it is, a full-screen virtual desktop might give enough
> workable space to allow the OpenGL window and plenty of tools open,
> so I'm calling this useable with some tweaks and caveats.
> What does not
> 1. OpenGL support appears to be broken; 3D window constantly appears
> offset within main window with non-covered area not being updated.
> Additionally, subsequent restarts show OpenGL window offset *further*
> to top-left each time. Adjusting main window settings in registry was
> ineffectual.

> by Martin Metke on Saturday February 23rd 2008, 17:56
> I've entered a test and will add some screen shots for this build,
> but the main points are these:
> 2. The OpenGL window appears to be offset from the main window pane
> position, but no amount of registry tweaking appears to resolve this
> issue. Unless you resize the main window pain to just contain the
> actual OpenGL window, you'll get a section of graphical "ghosts" or
> copies on the bottom and left of the actual display, and your cursor
> will also be offset.

Might be related to DRI in xorg.conf files?

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