[Wine] Installer says I've run out of disc space

Stern wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Jul 12 17:30:23 CDT 2008

Hi, I'm trying to install a MUD client on my macbook pro with wine. It's called portal, you can get it here:


I used my windows computer to make the file self-extract, then I copied the folder that had setup.exe inside it to my macbook pro desktop. I then double-clicked setup.exe and it opened with wine.

I was able to get through the install, when it asked me where I wanted to install to I changed it to:

C:\Program Files\Portal

For the startmenu item I left it at the default:

Portal© GT for Windows

and then continued pressing next until the installer progress bar came up. The progress bar gets to 60% and then a small window pops up saying: "Not enough disk space on target drive while attempting to copy files. To continue, first free disk space on the target drive and then click OK." with the options of "OK" and "Cancel".

What do I do? I've tried creating different drive mappings in the wine configuration, but it always breaks at 60%. I even tried mapping D:\ to my windows PC over the network, but it stopped at 60% then too.

As far as I can see the install program uses the Windows 98 installer.

Does anyone know what I can do? Thanks!

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