[Wine] Printing /MYOB

Russell Butler russell at rj-il-butler.com
Sun Jul 13 01:26:32 CDT 2008

yonnie wrote:
> I had forgotten to mention... really sorry, but could be a major
> clue.  F6 had a printing issue with MYOB and so did the first several
> releases of F8.  I didn't close out our XP system until I had MYOB
> fully functional with F8 and that was FEB/MAR time frame.  One of the
> updates around end of Feb. started it (MYOB) working for us.  Then I
> killed the last M$ system we had.
Well, I've tried regression testing without success, partly because I 
don't know which version worked.

 From what I've noted 0.9.42, 0.9.43, 0.9.44, 0.9.52, 0.9.55 and 0.9.57 
have been tested as well as 1.0 to 1.1.

Looking at the win-git log I was very hopeful that 0.9.55 was the 
working version, as it had a number of printer entries, and seemed about 
right for yonnie's timing, but no go on my system, I'm afraid.


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