[Wine] all new games crash

tape99 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Jul 13 15:04:31 CDT 2008

Most of my games like BF2 and any  source games like hl2/css/dods and all my command and conquer games will crash to (all get to the loading sceen on the source games and then it will crash) .
When i go to play the game it will close(some what) and i will be back at my desktop but the ubuntu system monitor will show the game and i will have to end it from there and from what i have seen i can only play hl1 games and thats it.
I all so get no error's I reely dont want to go back to windows.(HELP)
My os is ubuntu 8.04 64bit
Amd +6400 3.2gz dual core
ram=2.5 gb
video card is an ati 2400hd video card(The video card will play Crysis in windows so i know that it has the power to play the games)
Im all so useing the video card drivers that come with ubuntu because if i install the ones that you can get off ati i get the white screen of death.

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