[Wine] Data Access problem?

K4Z00 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Jul 13 18:21:58 CDT 2008

Running some company specific software, which is an exam/test. It runs fine on Windows OS machines. On Vista machines it requires the addition of the msvbvm50.dll.

The exam has a minimum of two sections of questions, say topic A, and topic B. When installed in WINE, it has required the addition of jet40 and vb5run in winetricks to make the program run.

Running the exam with the minimum 2 topics gives 20 questions to answer (with a time limit of 20 minutes). The pass rate is 80% in each section. Any time the exam is failed, the program correctly collates the results, and shows the appropriate FAIL page. However when the exam is passed, the program is unable to collate the results and displays:

Error Number 6 Overflow 
Occured in Sub 'get_results_from_database' 
in Module 'frmResults' in project DAO.Field

Having googled error number 6/DAO.field etc (and as a result of those searches) tried installing via winetricks mdac 2.5/2.7/2.8, mfc40, vb6run and Pseudopackage winxp and vista. These have not addressed the problem. Also tried re-registering some of the additional .dll files with regsvr32.

Trying to see what the differences are as to why the program runs in Windows XP and not in WINE, but also why it can collate results as a FAIL, but not a pass. Google results for error 6 point towards a calculation producing an unsuitable result, ie bigger or smaller than expected or required.

Is there an obvious answer? Is there a missing package that winetricks can provide? Thanks for any input.

(Running standard Xandros install on Asus 701 4g Eee PC. Having to run vnc server to spoof 1024x768 resolution, which the program requires. Wine 1.0)

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