[Wine] Fireworks - wine 1.1.1 error

Col wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Jul 15 04:50:41 CDT 2008

I had been using Fireworks through wine quite fine. Wine has recently updated to 1.1.1. Now I get this error when attempting to run Fireworks (It does not start at all). 

colin at colin-laptop:~$ wine "C:\Program Files\Macromedia\Fireworks 8\Fireworks.exe" 
fixme:win:EnumDisplayDevicesW ((null),0,0x33d424,0x00000000), stub!
fixme:win:EnumDisplayDevicesW ((null),0,0x33d424,0x00000000), stub!
X Error of failed request:  GLXBadDrawable
  Major opcode of failed request:  128 (GLX)
  Minor opcode of failed request:  5 (X_GLXMakeCurrent)
  Serial number of failed request:  836
  Current serial number in output stream:  836
Locking assertion failure.  Backtrace:
#0 /usr/lib/libxcb-xlib.so.0 [0x7e38b767]
#1 /usr/lib/libxcb-xlib.so.0(xcb_xlib_lock+0x2e) [0x7e38b81e]
#2 /usr/lib/libX11.so.6 [0x7e3cf518]
#3 /usr/lib/libX11.so.6(XESetCloseDisplay+0x31) [0x7e3b28d1]
#4 /usr/lib/libGL.so.1 [0x7d95db69]
#5 [0x7c03ab70]

Does this mean I should do a regression test, or re-install fireworks or something else?

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