[Wine] Modal forms remains hidden when main form clicked

guillotmarc wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Jul 15 07:33:56 CDT 2008

I'm sorry if this question has been answered several times in the past. I have used Search option and I have not found any reference, and I have not yet found in your bugzilla.

My problem appears in all Wine versions tested (until 1.1.1).

When my application (I develops a Delphi Win32 application that runs perfectly in Wine) raises a Modal Form or Modal Message (using API MessageBox for sample), the users can still make a click to Main Form (that's not doable in Windows), so Main Form goes to front and Modal Form or Modal Message goes hidden back the Main Form.

That's very confusing to the users who accidentally hides a Modal Form because the Modal Form is still active, so they cannot do nothing in Main Form until they release the Modal Form, but Modal Form is hidden and they need to bring it to front first.

¿ There is anything I can do in may application to avoid this abnormal behavior ?, to make Modal Forms to run like in MS Windows (you can't change focus from a Modal Form to a no-Modal Form).

Thank you.

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