[Wine] Winecfg saving audio settings?

Johan Johnsson wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Jul 15 10:46:30 CDT 2008

Hi there!

Im sorry if this has been posted but I havent found any and I have searched.

Ok I have a problem with the winecfg. Winecfg saves all settings I make to each application I add to the list execpt when I edit the audio tab.
If I change anyting in there it changes for all apps and i cant understand why.
Im gonna take an exampel.

I have the global setting that I want in ALSA with Full acceleration so I set it.

I have added Diablo 2 and mark it, change the tab to audio and choose EMULATED acceleration and click apply then exit.

No I start winecfg again to check the settings in audio. When I check Diablo 2 it is on EMULATED and when I mark the global setting and check the audio tab the sound has change to emulated there too, d*mn I did set the global to FULL.

So somehow the audio tab changes do apply to all program. It doesnt mather if it is diablo or any other app I change, the audio is equal to all. For me this is a problem cuz when the sound in Diablo 2 is EMULATED ALSA works perfect, then I also whant Ventrilo to work and the recording doesnt work if the sound isnt set to FULL so I really need to set them different but I cant cuz winecfg refuses.

Is there anyone who can help me I would be very grateful :)
Thanks in advance!

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