[Wine] Re: Where to get libcapi20 ?

slok wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Jul 16 12:21:01 CDT 2008

Hello,  this afternoon I have had the same trouble, after some time of searching I get the solution, so here is it:

you have to install isdn4k-utils
download from here(this are the last :S): ftp://ftp.isdn4linux.de/pub/isdn4linux/CVS-Snapshots/isdn4k-utils-CVS-2007-11-27.tar.bz2

after you uncompressing the file you have to enter in the directori and do:

$ make menuconfig

 save the settings

$ make

here it gave me a compilation error in the line 80 of the /usr/include/linux/capi.h file.

I searched again on the internet  :S  and again I find the solution. You have to delete the line 80 of the file and add one line that file (/usr/include/linux/capi.h)(make a backup first, who knows... what's going to happen):

* we delete this line: "void __user *data;"
* we add this line: void *data;

so the result is this:

typedef struct capi_manufacturer_cmd {
         unsigned long cmd;
           void *data;

run make again and then

# make install // # checkinstall (--fstrans=no for slackware)

I have done all in Slackware 12.1

PD: sorry for my poor english :D

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