[Wine] Wine + PL/SQL Developer + Ubuntu

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at sprintpcs.com
Wed Jul 16 21:14:52 CDT 2008

Ricardo Monteiro wrote:
> Hi 
> I´m starting with linux and wine, but I need use PL/SQL Developer in the Ubuntu environment. I´m using PL/SQL Developer, Oracle 10g and Ubuntu 8.04.
> I would like some help to make it works. The software loads but don´t connect to a database. Sometimes, show an error about OCI.dll not present. How do I solve this? How I configure wine to do this.
This may be harder than we think.  You have to install the Windows 
version of the Oracle 10g client which requires Java 5 as a minimum.  If 
I remember correctly Java 5 has installation problems of its own.  Check 
the Applications Database for workarounds and hints for installing Java 5.

Java version 1.5 == Java 5
Java 6 may or may not work with the Oracle Client for 10g Enterprise.

James McKenzie

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