[Wine] Re: Can't test games on Game Maker?

jeffz wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Jul 17 06:38:20 CDT 2008

jerreldulay wrote:
> What version of Game Maker are you using? I'd really love to be able to have GM running well on WINE. I can't get GM7 to run at all, I receive some sort of funny dll error. I am able to run gm6, but the games don't run, as you said. I am almost able to run GM4 games... the loading screen comes up but then it won't go any further... Perhaps if we get enough GM users together we can request the net version of Wine have more compatibility with Game Maker or something like that.


What you should do is make sure that bug reports are filed in the Wine  bugzilla, http://bugs.winehq.org

doing a search for game maker yields these two:


If you can confirm them or give more information then that is helpful, perhaps also debugging the problem to try to provide an analysis of what is going wrong.

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