[Wine] Re: ATI Radeon 9600 was working once but not anymore....why ? :(

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Jul 17 15:46:52 CDT 2008

archimedes1981 wrote:
> I have been using Mandriva 2008.0 regularly since last Jan so I'm not very good. I have Tomb Raider Anniversary (TRA )and although i had to remove all the graphic options everytime it loads i.e. vsync shadow reflection and water effects, i could play it and i was happy.
> After some time i had to stop because i had a problem with video codecs and i had to install/remove a lot of things to get what i needed and by this time i didn't use WINE at all. Now I want to play Warcraft 3 and it works a real mess so i tried out TRA again and it didn't work anymore !!
> I did a fresh installation on another partition but same thing is happening.
> I know that once i messed with some gnome updates on KDE !?! I am really not sure of what i did because It was my first time installing Linux to actually use and i tried lots of things but messed up like it was, those days I could play TRA and now no !
> Is there a way that i could retrieve my older settings ?
> Or could i find out what's wrong with it?
> I ran TRA through terminal and this came up.
> Please help me, my friends have started a tournament on WC3 and i'm the only one who is not playing because only i use Linux.
> Now i heard a lot of bad things from Wine users about ATI Radeon and i have to disagree because everything used to work fine on Windows and even on my old messed up Mandriva.
> Thanks and regards,

If you using 8.6 drivers - they are no good.
Wine since January had several improvements that ... of course doesn't work with ATi because of poor quality drivers.

The only things you can do to get it back up and running:
1. Use old Wine version and forget about all new features
2. Get nVidia card and forget about ATi nightmares.

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