[Wine] OLE and Microsoft Office 2003

Francesco wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Jul 18 16:23:59 CDT 2008

Hi everybody,

I'm currently working an better implementation of OLE component under Wine. The aim is to be able to insert OLE document in PowerPoint for example.

I've already made a lot of work, but it still doesn't work and I have no idea to solve the problem. Before my work, inserting a OLE component in PowerPoint raise an error "unavailable server". 
Now, the server application is correctly launched, but no component is inserted, and I don't see relevant information in the trace log. No error. Everything seems ok, but nothing is inserted.

So, I would like to know if there is somebody who is also working on this subject and / or if someone could help me to find the problem. I have to make a patch to include my modifications. I will do it as soon as possible.

For my tests, I'm using Microsoft Office 2003, because it is running under Wine ^^.

I precise that the purpose of my works is to implement a default proxy/stub for Ole interfaces like IOleObject .

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