[Wine] PolarProTrainer

finnipinni wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Jul 19 08:52:25 CDT 2008

Program for heartrate registration devices and training programs made by  www.Polar.fi
Only to be used in Windows.

But . . . 
The program delivered on the Polar product CD is outdated.
Wine 1.0 in Ubuntu8.04 is able to open it
But . . . 
The buildt in updatedevice over the internet do not funksjon. 
All I get is red cross over a logo appearing a short time on the bottom line.

The Wine 1.1.1 may get it working ?
But . . .
I'm not able to install it due to lack of knowledge.
Clicking the link : Clicking this link does not open any download, but I have somehow managed to download it and unpacked it. 
But . . . 
The Wine installer does not work either - not for me it dosen't.

So - this is no biznizz for novices like me ?

Or du YOU - only by looking, know whar I've done wrong ?
Please tell me ?

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