[Wine] Winelib: How can I compile a Borland C++ Builder application

Néstor Amigo Cairo nestorac at gmail.com
Sat Jul 19 17:41:43 CDT 2008

So I will need to rewrite the application to run on Linux, but this
sounds strange, doesn't it?? I have not completely understood then the
purpose of winelib. Do you mean that it is not possible to build an
application from source (written using Win32 API) using gcc on Linux
and executing it natively?? Of course, it would need winelib to
execute, but is it not like that??

I'm completely confused right now. I would be happy if I could port a
Borland C++ Application which executes Ok under wine to be able to run
it on Linux natively. I can do it from sources, since it is FLOSS.
There's no problem if I need winelib to link the application, the
important thing is to be able to share the same sources between
platforms, not having to rewrite the API related stuff, but to be able
to debug the application and so on using native tools (not having to
compile under Win32, then trying on Linux + wine).

Here's is what I understood (correct me if I'm wrong):
1) Applications designed to compile under Windows use Win32 API and
standard C++. C++ is 99% compatible with GCC, only needs some little
fixes, but Win32 API is completely different from Gnome/KDE...
2) Winelib implements an API which glues Linux OS and libs with Win32 apps.
3) You can use gcc to compile Win32 C++ code if you have the right
libraries, which winelib provides (in addition to STL ones, which are
supposedly standard between platforms). Then, it creates an executable
which links against winelib, but is an ELF executable. It won't be a
GTK/Qt application, but it will run natively on Linux, so I'll be able
to debug it as any other application, using DDD and so on.
4) Some GTK/QT stuff could be added then, so the application would
resemble more a Linux "standard" one, but still not breaking
compatibility with existing Win32 API (for Windows users).

If I'm right, the question is: where can I find the Visual Component
Library compatible headers to build the application?? Are they inside
of winelib??

2008/7/19 vitamin <wineforum-user at winehq.org>:
> Néstor Amigo Cairo wrote:
>> Hi!
>> I'm new to winelib. I'm trying to port a Borland C++ Builder 6.0
>> application, but I need VCL library: vcl.h.
>> Any ideas?? I would want to make it run natively on Linux.
> You can't. Winelib still requires Wine to run it. It's a library not an executable. If you want to write native Linux application that can run by itself then ... Wine won't help you there.
> Winelib is to use win32api _AND_ POSIX api in one program at the same time. If you need one or the other - forget about winelib.

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