[Wine] Office 97 Help feature doesn't work under Wine 1.1.1

ralphl wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Jul 19 23:01:02 CDT 2008

Thanks to help from this forum I finally got Office 97 to install (almost) correctly on wine.  Word, PowerPoint, Access, etc all load and seem to function.  However, the help feature doesn't work in any of the above.  The .hlp files are loaded into drive_c>Program Files>Microsoft Office>Office.  In Word when I click on "Help>Contents and Index, I get a list of topic, but when I select one nothing happens.  If I go to search, it says search not implemented.  If while in help I select help on help, it says "Cannot find "winhelp.hlp' (it is indeed loaded with the other .hlp files).  Do you want to find this file yourself".  If I say yes, it give me an "Open Box" showing folders in my home directory.  However, it doesn't show the dot folders, so I can't select files from the .wine folder.  I have Nautilus set up to display the dot files, but this doesn't carry over into the "Open" box.    Similar things happen for other applications.  

If anybody know how to show the dot folders in the "Open" box I would appreciate knowing.  And, of course, if anybody knows any other way to get the help feature installed, please respond.

I am a newbie so please take that into account in your response.



PS.  Outlook 97 didn't work so if anybody knows how to get that to work please respond.

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