[Wine] Winelib: How can I compile a Borland C++ Builder application

Jan Jezabek jezabek at poczta.onet.pl
Sun Jul 20 06:41:23 CDT 2008

You have at least a few options:
- try to use Kylix (yes, it also supports C++). The downside is that 
it's old and not really supported,
- compile and link your program on Windows and use Wine. It will be no 
less 'native' than a Winelib application,
- port it to ObjectPascal :p, and try to use Lazarus 
- consider a switch to another framework - Qt and GTK (e.g. using gtkmm, 
GTK's C++ binding).

Winelib does not make it possible to create a standalone ELF executable 
- this would create more problems than it would solve. Still even if it 
did the VCL uses Borland's extensions as mikolajz said (and is a 
proprietary product in the first place - there is an open-source version 
called FreeCLX, but I doubt it will work with anything other than 
Borland's C++ compiler).

Jan Jezabek

My GSoC 2008 development blog: http://jezabekgsoc.wordpress.com/

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