[Wine] Re: Wine breaks Windows XP installation (?)

Usurp wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Jul 20 10:27:30 CDT 2008

yokese wrote:
> I have windows XP X64 installed in the primary partition of my primary HD and later I installed Ubuntu in another partition in the same hard disk.
> Since then, ALWAYS, I have installed Wine in Ubuntu, when I reboot and try to boot Windows XP this has been corrupted (until I now Wine replaces explorer.exe from c:\windows directory) and Windows XP doesn't boot normally, I have to restore c:\windows\explorer.exe (at least to load it at beginining in the desktop) and my visual theme disappear in no more than 5 minutes. Also I don't know how may things had been corrupted....
> What is this?
> How could I fix this?
> Is common knowed problem?
> This is, at least a huge BUG.......

No, you only forgot to read the available documentation.

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