[Wine] Re: Winelib: How can I compile a Borland C++ Builder application

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Jul 20 13:27:47 CDT 2008

Néstor Amigo Cairo wrote:
> There's no problem if I need winelib to link the application, the
> important thing is to be able to share the same sources between
> platforms, not having to rewrite the API related stuff, but to be able
> to debug the application and so on using native tools (not having to
> compile under Win32, then trying on Linux + wine).

If that's your goal - you can't use Wine or winelib:
1. You won't get native application
2. You will have to use wine's own debuggin tools (which are still buggy)
3. You can't use Borland specific extensions or anything that's not supported by gcc (most notably exception handling)
4. You will have to recompile VCL with gcc (which won't work)

You have to rewrite your application to something cross-platform. Look at many applications that are available for Linux/Mac/Windows. For example pidgin.

If you want to get your program running now on Linux - just use windows binary and fix Wine if you have any problems.

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