[Wine] Re: Getting SoundSlides to work?

Kinare wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Jul 20 19:20:57 CDT 2008

qwertymn wrote:
> Hi, on my computer i can see that text just fine (using the demo) . Are you using any native dlls? 
> Maybe you could try install on  a new and fresh ~/.wine  (like  fresh install in another directory like WINEPREFIX=/tmp/garbage wine SoundslidesPlusInstaller.exe ,  and then run the app .

To be honest, this is a fresh install of WINE. About a month ago I inherited this comp from my husband, who upgraded. I hate Vista so I installed Ubuntu to try something that didn't use all of my resources. 

I installed WINE about two weeks ago. This is the first program I've used in WINE, so it wouldn't break my heart to uninstall it and install again. I'll give this a shot though and see what happens.


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