[Wine] A couple of gamepad-related issues

DancemasterGlenn wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Jul 21 01:56:45 CDT 2008

Hi there! I'm a big fan of the wine project, as it's helped me since day one with making my transition into linux a much more smooth and enjoyable process. I still use it even now to run many of the apps I need for school, and (of course) for gaming. It seems that with every release more and more tiny problems get ironed out, and it's wonderful to be a part of that process. One thing that I've had a few problems with have been gamepads... they almost always work, but some games give me unexpected quirks that I figured I might as well ask about (for clarification, and any advice I can get towards an overall fix). For starters, I have four gamepads: a gravis gamepad pro, a ps2 dual shock run through a radio shack usb adapter, a logitech ps3 cordless precision, and a logitech pc rumblepad 2. All of the problems below seem to be mostly related to the latter three, specifically the analog sticks. Here goes:

1) In the game Sonic Adventure DX, when using a pad with analog sticks, the game seems to think that my right analog stick is not centered, as whenever the camera can be controlled (and I'm not pressing any buttons), it immediately moves into first-person view in a given direction (different direction with a different pad). I don't have this problem with other games, and I can't configure the action through the game in order to at least make it stop. Would anyone know why this might be the case, and would it be considered a bug I could file? If it's useful, holding down any button will prevent the camera from zooming in this manner.

2) In the game Tomb Raider: Legend, there is an option called "Gamepad Axes". I'm under the impression that turning this on would allow me to use the sticks, but here's my problem: I can't even make the option clickable. This has given me two problems... for one, the right stick can't be used for camera control, which would be very useful; for two, I can't map commands to the d-pad, because it simply won't let me (this might be the game itself, but essentially when in the pad config menu, d-pad directions and stick directions won't register for commands). Strangely enough, I can still use the left stick to move around in-game. My question: is this due to the way wine currently detects controllers, that it wouldn't know about my analog sticks in the way the game looks for them? I tried adding DirectInput info into the registry, but this didn't seem to help. To be fair, I may have done it wrong (I added "X,Y,Rz,Slider1,POV1" under the key of the pad I named.

Another weird thing about this problem is that in other games, directional input does register in config menus. Prince of Persia:Warrior Within not only registers my axes, but detects my d-pad as a separate item... very useful for navigating menus. This leads me to believe this particular problem is game-related, but I'm obviously posting in hope of input that isn't just my own.

I feel like there was another problem I was having, but if there was one it slipped my mind. So for now, these are my only two big problems. Besides these, my pads all handle like a dream in wine. If either of these warrant a bug report, I'll be happy to file one, and if anyone has anything they can add here to help me understand these issues if they're well known, I'd love to learn more. I know that gamepads are treated pretty generally through wine currently, so that may be part of these problems. I wouldn't be the person to ask, obviously.

Anyhoo. I'm rambling hard-core. Thanks for your time everyone, and please be gentle. Keep up the amazing work on wine!

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