[Wine] Where to get libcapi20 ?

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 sl>> Hello,  this afternoon I have had the same trouble, after
 sl>> some time of searching I get the solution, so here is it:
 sl>> you have to install isdn4k-utils
 sl>> download from here(this are the last :S):
 sl>> ftp://ftp.isdn4linux.de/pub/isdn4linux/CVS-Snapshots/isdn4k
 sl>> -util s-CVS-2007-11-27.tar.bz2
 lwu> Thanks. I'll have a look at it tomorrow. Richt now I need
 lwu> sleep.

Sorry, it go a bit delayedm :(
At least now wine does not warn about a missing libcapi anymore
during building.
But when I try to run the application I want, I still get the
message: "CAPI 2.0 not installed".
Anybody who knows an answer?



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