[Wine] Re: photoshop cs3: installation is stoping after 5 seconds

dimesio wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Jul 21 10:43:09 CDT 2008

akalsha wrote:
> Why does the home page state that 1.1.1 includes fixes for Photoshop CS3 installers?  That would lead one to believe that it can now be installed.  

Fixes for some installer bugs does not mean all installer bugs were fixed. And even if all installer bugs were fixed, that does not necessarily mean the program itself will run properly. 

> What exactly was fixed, then?


>  there is a step by step list showing how to install it on the ap db page. Obviously someone's got it working. There are just "mixed messages" about the site....

Test results are individual; they can vary by system, by whether or not the tester tried any native dlls or other tweaks, and by the tester's expertise (or lack thereof). Reporters also vary in how much detail they provide (unfortunately). You just have to read these reports with a critical eye. 

Looking at the entry for CS3, the person who reported it as not installable in 1.1.1 clearly states that he did not use any native dlls. The previous test for 1.1.1, which said it did install, does not say whether he used any native dlls, but my guess would be that he did simply because the other reporter clearly stated that it was not installable without overrides. But even he rates it garbage, because it would not run after being installed. Looking at all the test results, only 3 people gave it a rating higher than garbage, and all 3 state clearly that they did not attempt to install it. So I think the message is pretty clear that the program is not installable without the dll overrides specified in the how to, and even then, it doesn't work properly.

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