[Wine] Re: Question regarding dependencies for Wine 1.1.1

Forester wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Jul 21 17:15:36 CDT 2008


Sorry no one wants to admit to being knowledgeable enough to give you a definitive reply.  I'm no expert (the more I learn the more I know I don't know) but I hope you might find this helpful.

You have tried to mix packages from two releases of the same distribtution and, as you guessed, that is almost certainly the problem.

Wine for (Debian Etch) has an indirect dependency on libldap2 but Debian Lenny has no package by that name (that I can find) but, I guess, your package manager is picking up a Debian Etch package by that name because you added the appropriate repository.  However, this is, apparently, seriously incompatible with Debian Lenny (I am not surprised) and if you install it, then OpenOffice and stuff has to come off first.

Take the Debian Etch repository out of your list of repostitories before you break something.

Debian Lenny does have a package named libldap2-dev.  I have the vauge idea folks who want to write software need -dev packages whereas those who just run programs want plain packages.  Whether the -dev package replaces the plain package or you need both I don't know but I'm guessing it is worth you installing the Debian Lenny libldap-dev packge and trying to install Wine again.

If that doesn't work, you have got at least five options:

a) give up [it's always an option but one you don't have to take ;)]
b) Google Wine Debian Lenny and see what comes up [2100 hits, one might be useful]
c) switch from a bleeding edge distribution to a more stable one [might not be a bad idea if you are still somewhat new to Linux]
d) run Debian Etch as a virtual machine under your current distribution [assuming support for VMs works under your bleeding edge distribution].
e) compile Wine from source [but finding the packages to do that for your distribution may be a bigger problem that the one you have now].

I suspect c) is your best option but, hey, maybe my reply will prompt someone else to come up with better suggestions.

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