[Wine] wow grahics problem

tparker tparker at etherstorm.net
Tue Jul 22 13:25:21 CDT 2008

trigsenior wrote:
> I recently installed wow the eu trial version the install went fine.
> However when the game started the grahics were weird the floor was see through

How are you starting the game? If the end of the line for starting the 
program does not finish with "-opengl" (without the quotes) then add 
that and try again.

(Additional info in case it is needed or helpful):

'-opengl' can be added to the end of the line you type to start in a 
terminal,leave one space between what you normal type and the dash, then 
  hit enter as normal.

If you are starting from a desktop icon, right click on the icon and 
select 'properties'. Across the top of the properties window select the 
tab 'launcher' and then click in the box that says 'command'. Go to the 
end of that line, leave one space and add -opengl. Then close the 
properties window and clikc the icon as normal to launch the game.

If -opengl is already there than we move on to video drivers, etc. but 
this is worth a try.

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