[Wine] New apps for wine

nick wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Jul 22 18:46:05 CDT 2008

Hi all this is my first post, so if I need to be directed to other places, thanks for the assistance in advance.
I,ve been attempting to wean my family off windoze for some time, and now have a few boxes and laptops running fc8.

I've set up the latest version of Wine and have successfully installed Myob v13 (with a few glitches: date format is not correct for Australia, despite altering the format in the[international] part of the registry, and an inability to customise my invoices with a bitmap image.

I've attempted to install a program called "StockmarketPlus", but the installation process fails with "cannot connect to database, allocation of handle failed". I've had a bit of  a dig, and found the program came with Sybase.

The last program I'm having difficulty with s a chart program with GPS input, and the initial problems are with the lack of scalable fonts(.fot) and running a 256 color screen. I've got an Xscreen up, but not connected to the program.

My command line skills are basic but improving, and coding knowledge patchy, but I'd like to be part of increasing the number of apps that can be run with Wine.

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