[Wine] Re: Does anyone have install BobCad-Cam on Ubuntu using wine?

trevor wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Jul 23 16:19:47 CDT 2008


I have BobCAD-CAM V21, and the short answer is that it doesn't
currently run under wine. This is unfortunate because I use this
program for work. However, I have a good knowledge of C and have been
meaning to track down the root cause for this and try to fix it (I
just haven't had the time yet). I have also been meaning to file a bug
report about this issue, and put up an AppDB page (I should probably
at least get around to doing these).

The long answer:
BobCAD crashes during startup because of an unhandled divide by zero
at line 4988 in toolbar.c (part of comctl32.dll). The line is as

idealWrap = (infoPtr->nNumButtons - hidden + (rows-1)) / rows;

rows ends up being zero for some reason, hence the divide by zero
error. I have found that by compiling wine without this line I can get
BobCAD to start up a little farther. However, it tries to call
ole32.dll.OleCreateEx which is an unimplemented function. The program
can be made to finish the startup process by using native DCOM. If
this is done it will load up, and everything seems fine until you draw
something. If you draw something the drawing area turns black and you
can only see the entities (lines, arcs, etc) that were drawn if they
are selected. The gcode generation does seem to work at that point,
however it is tedious (you have to select all entities in the drawing
to see them, and then deselect the ones that you don't want to
cut). So, by following several fairly complex steps you can get the
program to load, but because of the problems with the drawing area it
is still not really usable at that point.

Hope that answers your question.


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