[Wine] Wine config: dosdevice and fonts

rogerdugans wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Jul 23 20:55:33 CDT 2008

I am having some trouble that I have so far not found a solution to yet:

USB touchscreen that is not working in wine
application looking for "tahoma" font

More details:
First off, I am not a complete nOOb with linux, though I freely admit that I only learn what I must to achieve each new goal... been using linux for just about everything for around 7 years at this point, so I have picked up a bit. ;)

I am trying to finish a car computer right now, with GPS, touchscreen and navigation software.
Wine is being used to run my current nav. software and does quite well now that I have created a dosdevice for the USB gps sensor.
I have been unable to figure out just what dosdevice to make to get my USB touchscreen to work however. (Touchscreen works fine in linux.)

The nav software also has an error that comes up each time I start it though: missing Tahoma font.
The program does run after I clear the error messages, and no text appears to be missing, but I need to click "ok" twice to clear them.

I am searching for answers myself, of course, but have not yet been able to fix these two things.
Any help is appreciated.

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