[Wine] Re: Is Wine supporting .tlb files

Timeout wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Jul 24 05:09:33 CDT 2008

Maybe some more information so that you understand why I keep talking about Java and the .NET at the same time.

Trados had been bought in 2005 by its competitor SDL which was offering a competing software, SDLX.
It's like for the people using Autocad, that Autocad had been bought by the competitor the second largest in the branch.
Now, instead of paying for one software, you are paying for Autocad and it's competitor. There are basically different, you can't use both at the same time because they are not even working the same way, one is tagging files to process them, the other is converting files to its own before processing. Pay for 2 and use one - the dream of every developer and one of the reason for it being overpriced.
Trados (the most widely used) as it's looks like was written in Java. SDLX is based on the .NET. Now SDL is trying to merge this two softwares that have actually nothing in common, had made Synergy as a bridge between Trados and SDLX, Synergy is based on .NET and it looks like that any new function introduced into Synergy to work in both softwares is based on the .NET, which ends up in a Java application depending on the .NET2

Isn't it wonderful ?!

Presently I am only testing trados, I am not even interested in 100 years in learning to cope with SDLX even if SDL is offering free online interactive seminars.
All the tests I do are for Trados - Someone else will have to relay for SDLX, but I do not worry, SDLX is SDL's baby, if Trados get working, they will take care of them so that they don't loose even more people using the "wrong" application.

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