[Wine] Re: Native and Builtin dll

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Jul 24 15:48:16 CDT 2008

Batt212 wrote:
> thank you vitamin, but I've tryed copy and paste an free simple program HoverSnap.exe and its HoverKHook.dll and I didn't installed anything else and It runs.

Small programs that don't have anything in the registry and you know which dlls they depend on can be copied of course. This is the same as between two separate windows PCs.

Batt212 wrote:
> However, i've understand that built-in dlls are of use Wine and they are implementation of the Windows API.
> For my thesis I find a simple program for windows that dump an exe file and this is dump's HoverSnap.exe. Is correct to say that wine look for dll reading into exe file? in fact, here all built-in dlls are listed and only one is native.

Wine built-in dlls are loaded and presented to application as a normal dll, otherwise most programs won't work. So if you trying to see the difference between native and built-in with a windows program - you won't find it. Unless you know exactly what to look for.

Of course Wine dlls implementing the same functions that are present in the corresponding native dll. That's a requirement. And yes those functions are the Windows APIs (there are more then one).

To make it clear:
Built-in dlls - dlls that are part of Wine itself (see Wine source for the complete list)
Native dlls - all other dlls
Fake Wine dlls - dlls that could be found in newly created WINEPREFIX (~/.wine dir). They are nothing more then real windows PE files only with resources from corresponding Wine built-in dll. But no code.

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