[Wine] Re: Wine memory limitation for malloc?

Adept wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Jul 24 16:17:50 CDT 2008

mikolajz wrote:
> The comment in vxd.c is old and so it Win32s. The important part is in dlls/ntdll/virtual.c - there is there an ADDRESS_SPACE_LIMIT of 3GB. There is a comment that this is a Windows limit, but AFAIK it is not present on x64 Windows, so probably it can be changed for LARGE_ADDRESS_AWARE programs, to allow them to use all the address space. Maybe we should query the host OS for it?
> You could try to compile Wine with this limit set to 0 and check if this help with your program.

Great! It's work!
I change in dlls/ntdll/virtual.c two lines:

# define ADDRESS_SPACE_LIMIT  ((void *)0xc0000000)  /* top of the total available address space */
# define USER_SPACE_LIMIT     ((void *)0x7fff0000)  /* top of the user address space */


# define ADDRESS_SPACE_LIMIT  0   /* no limit needed on other platforms */
# define USER_SPACE_LIMIT     0   /* no limit needed on other platforms */

and compile Wine. As a result it possible to allocate about 3600 GB for windows application (openSUSE x64 +Wine 1.0)

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