[Wine] Native and Builtin dll

Chris MacKay cmacaoidh at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 24 16:19:33 CDT 2008


Wine emulates Windows DLLs with it's own DLLs, so that when a Windows application makes calls that normally require those common DLLs, Wine intercepts those calls and interchanges Linux functionality for Windows functions. Ergo, Wine DLLs are "fake" in the sense that they are not Windows DLLs, but a reverse engineered version that substitutes Linux capabilities when a call is made for a Windows function. I can't make it any more precise than that.

REAL DLLs are used whenever a Wine DLL is not available, in order to attempt to extend the functionality available in Wine to include applications who require those DLLs, and may or may not include them with their installation application.

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> but when does wine need to use Fake Wine dlls? and is it correct or not to say that wine looks for dll reading into exe file?

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