[Wine] Re: How to fix "CAPI 2.0 not installed"?

mikolajz wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Jul 26 11:43:18 CDT 2008

Wine provides its own capi2032, however it gets built only when a Linux libcapi20 is installed and the header linux/capi.h is present. At the end of ./configure (the first step when building Wine from sources) you will get a messages "libcapi20 not found,ISDN won't be supported" if these tests fail. You could check if you have capi support properly set up.

As it was said, you could also try to use this capi2032.dll. Copy it to Wine system32 folder and set "capi2032.dll" to "native" in winecfg Library tab. However, as I understand, this is a hardware access library, so this may not work.

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